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Summer Projects

As summer progresses, and my senior year slowly begins to rise in the distance, there are many things I need to do in preparation not only for my last year of high school, but also for college. A lot of the colleges I am looking at require a portfolio, which is to be expected. I want to be able to make a good, solid portfolio to show to them. I will be taking AP Art Studio, which is a class primarily focused on creating a portfolio, and so expect to see a tumblr from me in August. 
But between now and then, I have to create 5 complete projects to show on the first day of school. I'm both super psyched and super nervous. I'm going to be busting my butt working on things, and you'll see the lineup below.
On top of all of that, Naka-kon 2016 might be my last anime convention for a long time, and I have a ton of cosplay work to do in preparation! I'll be posting more photos and updates on that as soon as possible. I also plan on going to a nearby Planet Comic-con with my boyfriend, so that will be three times the outfits! Talk about stress! 

Traditional Art


{{A series of watercolor practice pieces. Two have already been created and posted. Expect at least one more watercolor piece, minimum}}
 [Watercolor Practice] Sunset Ghost by vawliet [Watercolor Practice] Lonely Night by vawliet

Mix Media Portraits

{{It will be a series of 4 portraits, 3 of them of my beau, and the fourth of yours truly. They will be done in black, white, and gray colored pencil (and/or possibly chalk and charcoal), and will mix different mediums to add texture and color.}}


{{Scratchboards. How I love them. I got into them when I tried it out my freshmen year, and it helped me a lot during the worst parts of my depression. I have three pieces I have yet to finish, one of which I haven't even begun. There is the one I have of a KH Cloud Strife cosplayed, another of a Yoko (Gurren Laggen) cosplayed, and the third is of my adorable god-brother.}}
.::One Sky::.::twinfools Tribute::. by vawliet

'The Flower Girl' Portrait

{{A kinda abstract-ish portrait for my mother that I'm currently in the process of finishing. Should hopefully have it done by the end of the month, and I'll be posting pictures, of course}}

Digital Media

Misfit Daring Comic

{{This is a bit of a tossup. It will probably be sketched out traditionally, then fed to the scanner and actually edited and finished up in Photoshop. I started some of it before, but I will be doing a fresh start on it. I hope to have a full 25-page prologue/first chapter by the middle of August.}}
Misfit Daring://Chapter 1 by vawliet


Lip Sync/Emotion Practice

{{These will probably be a series of two or three animations, using lines either from/for Kiora or Nemi from KH: Phoenix Reborn. Maybe some song lyrics, we'll see}}

The Beast

{{This will be partial PV, part animated. Just a little something, based on Misfit Daring character}}

Action Scenes

{{These will actually probably be based on KH: Phoenix Reborn characters. Learn how to do motion and make things fluid and natural.}}

"Magical Girl Henshin"

{{A not so magical girl henshin type thing, using Em from Misfit Daring. Just to learn how to do effects and so on}}

Cosplay/Sewing Projects

Aerith (FFVII)

{{Pretty much ready, needs some adjustments on the jacket and on the straps of the dress. Hopefully will be able to create her basic staff.}}

Aerith (FFVII: Crisis Core)

{{Possibly will be cosplayed with my boyfriend as Zack, so possibly might be a two-in-one package cosplay, which is twice the work, but will be twice the fun. Currently working on her. She will probably be one of the hardest, most detailed ones I've ever done.}}

Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

{{I have the body make up. I have the leather-esque fabric. I have the leather pants. I have the hair stuff. Now to lose weight and actually do it.}}

Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)

{{I made her in a mad rush for this past Naka. I plan on sitting down and fixing all the mistakes and improving her for this coming year.}}

Mother's Dress

{{A dress for my mother, based on a vintage pattern. Already in the process of being sewn, I will post pictures of the finished creation!}}

As can be imagined, this is all up to be added to, taken from, changed or rearranged. Expect to see more updates as things get finished, or as things progress. I plan to be actually active on here for once in my life.




...There is life."
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